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Spirit of Nature

The concept is based on the idea of gentle, intelligent and harmonious interaction with nature. I am reflecting to the destruction of the Olympics 2012 and the fact that the large green area has been taken from the community for construction and it is impossible to replace.

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In my design I was inspired by nature itself and the British environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, who works directly with nature.

Spirit of Nature Gallery in Victoria Park, London by its nature and structure will create new reality — different from surroundings and parallel to nature. Gallery will have some functions such as children's art learning centre during the day. It would be also a place for events and parties in the evenings.

The space has quite surreal character and plays with viewer's imagination. The visitor of the gallery of the future will be invited to a journey through a series of spaces, gradually changing their width and height, rise and fall.

I was aiming to design an environmentally friendly building in terms of using recycled material and to preserve natural resources while using renewable forms of energy, especially solar energy. The building's material and energy are integrated with minimal destructive impact on the environment and maximum positive impact.

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