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House for the Soul

A shed is basically a small scale house — a "diminutive" house. Sheds, cabins and huts became part of life of most of us from very early childhood and probably therefore very appealing. We can find sheds in all sorts of places: be on the farm, by the water, on the top of the tree, it can be proper house for someone or garden refuge. However, allotment gardens or garden refuge are the most civilized by their nature already being in city. Allotment activities help people to put up with life's problems, the passing time and every-day-the-same pattern for work.

Researching chosen site of Higham Hill Common allotments, London, I noticed that almost all the sheds were uniquely made by their owners themselves, mostly using recycled materials. All sheds were changing during decades by coming from one owner to another which gave them such a unique, unusual, unrepeatable character and never-finished look.

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I would like to propose new generations of sheds. My main rule was: deliberately not touching the original, an already existing structure of shed. They are still going to be used for storing different things as well as have a new programme, which is especially important in current economical climate when it is more difficult to improve living conditions. Activities depend on the lifestyle and wishes of owner of the shed and lead the design and materiality. I explore my idea by using three fictional characters and three real clients.

Winged Shed

Moreover, Higham Hill allotments have very strong community spirit. All my clients are very different people but all of them very much involved in community life and the allotment is very important for them. To develop this idea further, by giving to the whole community a place for social life, this is simply does not exist at the moment.

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